Sunday, March 03, 2013

Stupid is a condition. Ignorance is a choice.

Lorena Arenas. Reading about someone like this poor excuse for a mother makes me better understand the expression, "It takes a village to raise a child."
She was in court recently to receive her sentence from Superior Court Judge Edward Bullard. After denying her request a new trial, he sentenced her to life in prison with the possibility of parole in seven years.
Why has she been given the possibility of parole? So she can get out of prison, have another baby and harm that one? Jiminy Christmas! A cat is a better mother than she is.
This woman tortured her 2 year old daughter by putting her hands in scalding hot water for playing with her cosmetics.
Because that in itself wasn't bad enough, she didn’t take her daughter to the hospital until early the next morning after she determined her burn injuries were serious and not improving.
This little girl suffered such severe second and third degree burns she had to be sent to Grossman Burn Center to received specialized treatment.
Apparently Arenas doesn't know right from wrong since she testified that she scalded her daughter, because she was pushed to do so by the girl’s abusive father, Jose Gonzalez.
Unbelievably, Arenas will be eligible for parole in four years because she has already served three years.
Gonzalez, by the way, pleaded guilty to child abuse and accepted a plea deal and has finished serving his time.
I'm not going to assume that these two got all the way through high school, but if they did, were they, as well as other students offered classes to at least try to teach would-be parents, how to parent? Are there any? Or, are classes like this as frowned upon as sex education, birth control education and preventing STDs? Surely I cannot be the only one who knows that some high school kids have active sexual lives. Babies are innocent lives that require care, love and attention. They're NOT accessories, nor are they tickets to cash payments from AFDC.
In their effort to win a new trial for Arenas, the defense unsuccessfully argued that the number of, and gruesome nature of photographs shown during the first trial distracted the jury and did not show intent to torture. A member of Arenas' defense team asked that the case be treated as a child abuse case instead of a torture trial.
The judge however, ruled in favor of the deputy district attorney, who argued that the court had already limited the number of photographs and decided that the intent was to torture

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